Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh great pumpkin I burnt the cookies!

Ever do something that you just feel you shouldn't? Either because of "mom brain" or over exhaustion, you say;put something in the oven when you shouldn't. And before you all think baby wait a second. It is a batch of cookies. My quick cooking "PMS" cookies to be exact. I went to foolishly take a shower. You can imagine what happened, my hubby found some really crispy cookies.
Why was I so dense? No sleep. My little man caught his daddy's cold. He was up and down all night. Now while my husband and I do not co sleep with him;we do make exceptions. For instance when he is not doing well. And with my heart condition it is worse with no sleep. So for circumstances like a bad cold, he can sleep with us. He slept well and we could snuggle him when he needed it. Around 5:30am we just stayed up.
It was a great time trying to use that torturous sucker. You know the one. That bulbous sucker you shove up his little nose. Suck out the snot and done. Easy, right? Hell no!!! He hates that thing! It is like we are trying to take his brains. Which we aren't, but he doesn't act like he knows that.
I mean he is only 7 months.
My little Great Pumpkin watching, Peppa Pig loving, and  my baby bear is now 7 months. How amazing. He made a milestone today too, he is now officially a crawler!!! Cats beware, he is even more mobile. I love it and can't wait for more!

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