Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I read a book, finally!

I read a book, yes a whole book. It was not a long book but I am thrilled that I actually got to read it! I read Brandi from Real Housewives of Beverlyhills book. Her autobiography. I read it solely after little man went to bed at night because lord knows I can not do it during daylight hours.In fact it is hard for me to read anything without hubby going "Whatcha readin? Why?" and needing my attention. Well some of the time. He is pretty good usually.

The book is a look into her controversial divorce of her husband and his affair with Lee Anne Rymes. It definitely gives you a look as to why the way she is. Yes, it is understandable why she did things the way she did. But, some of the book was repeating. I went into this book expecting to see more of her perspective on The Real Housewives. From her point of view the whole thing between her and Kyle. But, it was more about her divorce which I will say was entertaining to read about.

IF you like the Real Housewives franchise, then pick this book up from your local library. It is worth a gander.

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