Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why are there limited CUTE boy clothes?

I was out shopping with my mom one day picking up diapers and formula when I decided to look for some clothes for little guy. I saw plenty of little girl clothes that were cute as can be but the boys clothing was sub par. I mean the clothes were cute but not as cute as the girly things.
Then my sister and my brother in-law went to the Children's Place to look for little guy clothes. They found more ugly and drab clothing for boys and an immense amount of cute skirts,dresses,shirts, pants,etc for girls. Good to know that someone else felt the same way, as I thought it was just me. But the truth is there is not much for boys and that is disappointing. I go to Toys R Us and look online for something and sure there are cute baby blue onsies and "mama rocks!" Onsies. Which he already has, probably should get more because I do rock!
But why are the clothing they make for little boys not as fun? Why can't boys have as many options must it always just be about button downs, zippers, and body suits? And has anyone noticed that  for some onsies and body suits it is hard to tell what gender it is for?  Can't 0-3 months have more options? Sure, if they are a girl.

This was hard for me when I was pregnant and clothes shopping at Toys r Us and Target for my future little blue arrival. Nothing made me wow! I did see once at Ross baby boy clothing by Ralph Lauren and it was cute, also affordable. But alas I didn't pick the items up. I put the clothes back.  And I am kicking myself for that.

So designers and department stores beef up that baby boy section! Get more options for mommies to dress our boys in!
Now there is some light at the end of the tunnel, my sister did find 2 cute onsies and a pair of shorts. I guess you really really have to look.

Any ideas?

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