Monday, May 6, 2013

Nothing beats a mama's love.

Today was my little guy's 2 month follow up. It was the usual appointment, weight the baby, measure the baby,measure the baby's noggin, and go over the necessary stuff. All was good in the land of baby, until the baby's day was ruined. Ruined by a series of needle pricks for vaccines. Something necessary and yet, it is still heart breaking to watch the baby go from oblivious giggles and cooing to gut retching squeals. I was at work when this happened, so I didn't see him squeal or bleed.

It still breaks my heart and I wish I was there. My husband does a great job, well he is an amazing dad, but there is just something about a mom's presence that makes it all better. From a simple touch to a soft spoken it's alright, moms just can make an upset child alright again. I truly believe we have 6th sense or ability for nurturing. Still, I was not there today, and it is ok I am making up for it now. But, I wish I had been there to hold him and say those magic words, "mama's here,it's ok".
Right now I have my little guy in my arms, he has been attached since we picked him up. He started to fuss so I kissed his little tennis ball head, put a blanket on, and am now holding him humming the Lord of The Rings theme. And, right now, besides baby Tylenol, it is exactly what my little guy needs.

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