Friday, May 3, 2013

Iphone baby proof?

Ok, in my world my phone is my life line. My tablet is my life line. I want to protect them and keep them nice. Cases are so very important! 
Cases are so very important , especially now with little guy. I want to keep the phone safe.... from him. That's when I saw the Fisher Price apptivity iPhone case.
It is just like the one for iPad. It comes with a drool guard, a teether, and keys. It also has learning apps for baby. It is a hard shell case kind of like an otterbox.
The only drawback fellow mamas is the fact it is only for iPhone. Yeah....wth Fisher Price? Give us android users something to go with. We need to protect our Galaxy phones, our nexus phones, and other droids. We need to be able to have the baby grab these phones with confidence , not to be destroyed, and with a drool guard on. So, come on Fisher Price not everyone owns an iPhone, iPod, iPad, and whatever else apple. If there was a Galaxy s3 version, I would buy it! We need nice things too!!

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