Thursday, May 23, 2013

Couponing, a learning curve indeed.

Everyone loves saving money. Especially on groceries, food costs have gone up and coupons are a way to save. But, many people do not use coupons. Many view couponers as crazy and have nothing better to do on a Sunday. Well, I am going to be one of those people. I am an up and coming couponer. I am that crazy person. However, I used to not be. I was a non coupon using food shopper.

Couponing is work, a lot of work. From scouring the newspaper to stalking online coupon sites. Like here.  My sister got me into coupons, ever since I heard how much she saves. She is one savy extreme couponer. Who, need storage for stuff, just like Honey BooBoo's mom has extra storage for items. She has them all organized in a folder according to type. She goes through the coupons all the time and is very devoted to her craft. I, on the other hand, am figuring this coupon thing out. Trying to be organized is hard so I ordered coupon pages on Amazon. I am also trying to figure out what coupons go where. I am also trying to figure out how many coupons I can use at once. It is definitely a learning curve and so far I have yet to pay full price on diapers and formula. Huggies or Pampers I make sure I always have a coupon. Last trip I saved $50 and before that $92Usd. Like I said learning curve, and while Target takes coupons they may not take competitors coupons. Publix Supermarket does take competitors, like Walmart and Target coupons.
I will post my quest to save! Stay tuned!

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