Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baby weight and body issues.

I went to Target and saw the newest designer for Target, I thought to myself do I dare try it on? Nope, I made a direct line right to the baby stuff. I figured buying my boy something was better than me in a dressing room fighting with a dress. Hurray for post-partum and the struggle with body image. When you are pregnant friends and family tell you things wont be the same and your body changes. Yes we know, what I guess what I didn't know was by how much.  Arms bigger than they were,  chest is bigger, hips, and butt. The pants you used to wear are only able to go up halfway.  The dress you used to wear, you know the one, is now like packing a sausage. You figured it would be back into you pre-pregnancy clothes after baby. Well guess again! There are some ladies who are fotunate enough to get back right away into those regular clothes. Me? I am not one of them! Nope. I lost 25pounds after little guy and have been plateaued since. My clothes hang in the closet mocking me. I am still in my maternity items and while they are cute, I want to be able to wear all my clothes. I can fit into some tops but not all. And I am almost considering buying some new clothes for my new curvier self. What to do? How many mamas have just said the hell to it and gone and purchased some new things. Either as an self esteem boost or just as a inbetween size to get you through. I am curious to see what others are doing, going to do, or did.

Also, with work, baby, hubby, and housework, how do you get your exercise groove back.?

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