Monday, May 27, 2013

Appreciate it when it is gone.

You know that saying you will appreciate it, when it is gone? Well the saying couldn't be more true. I found this out when my dishwasher wouldn't work.

When we bought our house I came into it thinking all the appliances worked. From the oven to the dishwasher. I assumed they all worked. I never thought to test them and why would I? Have any of you? We moved in late March and I wanted to do dishes. I loaded the dishwasher and put in the Cascade. It was the loudest piece of machinery I have ever heard in the history of ever.  You couldn't hear the person in the kitchen, even if you were standing next to them. Horrible.

When the dishwasher stopped I opened it up and what did I see? Dishes that were still dirty and cloudy. The stupid compartment that holds detergent didn't even open. I was mad, did I over load it? I emptied it and reloaded it with a smaller load, hoping that some how it would work. Did it help? No! So I added jet dry and still nothing..
The dishwasher was cooking the stuff on the dishes.

I went almost 3 months with no dishwasher.No dishwasher, a small kitchen, and no space can make dish washing a bad time. I never felt like I could keep up, there were always dishes in the sink. Holy moly did that annoy me.

Then it happened, I got my dishwasher. It was beautiful. This gorgeous piece of dishwashing glory was now in my kitchen begging for use. I love my Whirlpool and will never take it for granted again.

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