Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sun,sea,and sand. South Florida vacation.

Hi there!
I am writing to you on my last day of vacation. Here in sunny South Florida. Plenty of condos, resorts, peoples o watch, and people with too much money. Hahaha. But I digress. We are staying with some family here and are having a wonderful relaxing holiday. We went to the beach and little man still doesn't like it. He loves to play in the sand, but hates the water.

The first day at the beach was cloudy and really windy. There were warning on the life guard towers. Yellow and purple flags. These mean rip tides and dangerous marine life. Basically no one was allowed in the water. If someone did they got flagged back in. Plus the water was too freakishly cold. Brrrr.

We ate at a great taco stand and ate gourmet tacos, burritos, and quesadilla . Then finished the day with frozen yogurt. Little man loves it, in small doses. 

This post was originally written Monday. Next trip to south Florida I will not forget my passport or baby's. Bimini will be done!

The horse track. :) 

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