Monday, April 7, 2014

This is so not easy. Bottle weening and bedtime issues.

I am trying to wean the boy off the bottle. I am slowly removing it as I tried to take it 100% away and my boy wouldn't drink for the rest of the day. He refused. He was so crabby. He likes his one cup but not enough to drink it all the time. The doctor told me to just take it away. I am trying but it is so hard. I am trying to not rely on it. And he is learning how to use this straw cup. 

It is great, but he isn't getting how to use it much. I am sure he will learn. I also have one that resembles a bottle.
 But, he fights it. A lot. I am trying. This is so hard. 

Now, bedtime. My boy won't go to bed. And crying it out doesn't help. He just goes for hours! 
I read to him and put nighttime lotion on him. He still won't do it. Last night was bad, and after an hour I figured out the problem. His mouth. He teethes worse at night! And he is in pain. Once I do teething gel and if it is bad enough Tylenol; he falls asleep. He then sleeps all night. I also just picked up teething tablets.  We will see how it works. But, who knew this was the reason he doesn't want to sleep. Actually, another mom would up have known. I am slow to the party. 

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