Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little man, oh little man, how it hate to see you cry.

Doctors appointments are a neccessary part of a baby's life. We know it is for the best and they need it. But, it is so hard watching my little man get shots especially today. He was not my normal little man. He was more upset than ever before. Sure at other appointments he cries, but this one was out of control. He was overly upset and yeah I hate shots too. They hurt and to this little guy holding him down is awful. I know we aren't hurting him, we hold him down to avoid injury. But, he doesn't know that and so he cried. The crying turned into an out of control squeal and his howling so would make even the most accomplished of temper tantrum thrower be envious. 
I felt horrible, 4 shots later, and a glance at the ears; I am sent on my way with an upset baby, a prescription, and a tired mind trying to think of lunch foods. 

Never go to a store tired or hungry. I bought no food, but I did buy books for my little man. A good selection of Dr. Seuss finery. How can you go wrong with a Fox in Sox? You can't. The doctor told me he needs more reading, and he doesn't bring books to me. He would rather chew on them. I blame me for that as I read to him from the iPad. But, now we have the option. 

As far as developmental. Well, he is in the upper 92% for height. His weight is good. And the doctor says he will walk when he is ready. So, for everyone harassing me over him talking or walking...shush. He is perfect and he is fine. Most little ones do not walk until 17 months. My boy will do it when he is ready. 

He is lactose intolerant, yay. He is like me. And today we got him more fresh veggies to add to his green beanie diet. I hope he likes squash still. As we have a ton of it! 

So, moral of the story moms and dads. Your baby will walk when ready. They will talk when ready. That doesn't make them underdeveloped. So, do not rush it. You can help them along by reading and playing walking games. But, take your time. Rome was not built in a day and baby will get there. 

Until next time.

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