Thursday, July 3, 2014

Playing Thief for Xbox one..

So, before I commit money to a video game, I sometimes play the demo to see if it worth my cash. I am right now playing Squar Enix's Thief. Oh Squeenix, why must you have the weirdest control set up for a stealth game? Really, until you get used to the menu, it is a pain. I am running around and trying to figure out how to fight and climb and everything else. It dawned on me, this is not Assasin's Creed. There is no hay waiting for me to hide in. Crap. 
I have to find the clock tower and make my way through a jewelry store without being seen. Yay! I do love games like this believe it or not and it is a nice break from Skyrim. Screw you Lydia. I am not sure how this game will be but so far I am not too unimpressed by it. I guess as the story goes on we will find out more. 
I am trying to get out of the stupid store and I really hate that I can not kill a guard. Really? All I got is a blunt object thing and a bow. The guards act as though an arrow tickles, lovely.  

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